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  All students taking Marketing courses are encouraged to join DECA.

Marketing & Management 1 #5000

Grades 10-12 Credit: 1

This class fulfills the unit of economics required for graduation. Marketing 1 is designed to teach students marketing foundations (selling, promotion, economics, human resource, essentials, etc.), prepare students for competition in DECA, and introduce them to the real world of work  

Marketing & Management 2 (Class) #5001

Grade: 11-12 Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Marketing 1

Marketing 2 advances marketing a step further. Students are introduced to the marketing functions of pricing, purchasing, research promotion, buying, product planning, and entrepreneurship. Students may earn extra credit by participating in the cooperative education program (See course #5098)  

Advertising and Public Relations #5016

Grade: 10-12 Credits: 1

Advertising and Public Relations is designed to develop an understanding of concepts and strategies needed to communicate Information about products, services, ideas and/or images to achieve a desired outcome.  

 Marketing/Work Based Learning (Early Release) First Semester #5098-1

Grades: 11-12 Credit. 1

Second Semester #5098-2

Grades: 11-12 Credit 1

Co-requisite: Students must have completed Marketing I or be concurrently enrolled in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Travel and Tourism, or Lodging tor early release during 4th period Students will receive one (1) additional credit for work experience.