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Special Offerings

Office Development 1st Semester

2nd Semester

Grades: 11-12

Students enrolled in this class work as aides in the administrative offices. Students receive a grade of Pass (P) or Fail (F). During registration for next year's classes, students are to fill out an application and return it by the deadline indicated on the form. Applications will be available in the front office and are to be returned, when completed, to the front office. Selection for this program is based on the conduct, grades, attendance, and positions available for students applying for the program. All criteria must be satisfactory before a student will be accepted 

Peer Tutoring

Grades: 11-12

Prerequisites: 3 written teacher recommendations and This course would be excellent tor those interested in teaching, child care, and/or health occupations.

This class requires that students work in the LRE classroom as a peer tutor to students who have disabilities. Tutors act as a friend, a teacher, and/or a job coach under a teacher's supervision. Observing and recording learning and work behaviors, and an introduction to various disabilities and their implications are included. No more than one credit can be earned.