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Teacher Resources


Teacher Resources



Kathy Schrock's Google Bloom

Tennessee Geographic Alliance


Google Educators Tools

Library of Congress


Free Teaching Resources

from the US Government Lesson plans (y recursos en Español), photos, documents, animations, and videos of Art, Music, U.S. History, Health, Phys. Ed., Language Arts, Math, Science, World Studies, and Time Periods.

Rubrics for Evaluating Classroom Technology Projects - Rubistar

This site has templates for evaluating many kinds of instructional work. Teachers can customize any template and save it for future use.

Kathy Schrock's Assessment Rubrics

Kathy has rubrics for technology projects and other kinds of assignments, along with links to many other rubric sites.

Bernie Dodge's Rubric for Evaluating WebQuests

One of the creators of WebQuests has produced this site for evaluating beginning, intermediate, and advanced WebQuests.

Icebreakers, Energizers, and First Day of School Ideas

Real-time Statistics Worldometers

An eye-opening looking at world population, government and economics (such as education expenditure by all governments worldwide today), society and media (such as new books or email messages sent today), the environment (such as tons of C02 emissions this year), food, water, energy, and health.

Tools for Teachers & Students

Download free Educational Spreadsheet Templates