Clubs and Organizations

Clubs are an important way for students to get involved in school and meet new people with common interests.

Students may sign up for one "gold" club, one "blue" club, and as many white clubs as they would like.

Blue and Gold clubs will meet monthly during the school day. White clubs meet outside the regular school day.


Academic Team - (white) Sponsor: Ms. Nelson

The Academic Team competes in Quiz Bowl competitions within the Eastern-Middle Tennessee area. The team also hosts the Cumberland County Middle School Quiz Bowl once each semester.  The team practices weekly, and team members study to increase their knowledge in all academic areas and current events.

Anime Fan Club - (blue) Sponsor: Mr. Akin

Anime is a new age form of entertainment that gets us closer to the Japanese culture. It teaches good morals and it provokes good reading. Club members should know a manga and an anime.

BETA - (white) Sponsor: Mrs. Filler, Co-Sponsor: Mrs. Allen

The BETA Club is an organization that emphasizes academic achievement, leadership development, character, and service to others. Membership is open to students who have a 93 average or above. Freshmen may join in the fall semester on a probationary period; their averages will be checked again in the spring semester. Mrs. Filler will announce when students may apply for BETA at the beginning of the year. Students go through a selection process before inducted into the club, which is an affiliate of the National BETA Club. Membership is an honor and requires accountability, as well as a $25 due. To remain a member in good standing, you must maintain your GPA, contribute ten hours of service to the community and BETA sponsored services, and attend monthly meetings. The club meets monthly.

Bible - (blue) Sponsor: Mr. Wright

The Bible Club is a student led organization in which the Bible is studied and discussed.

DECA - (white) Sponsor: Mrs. York

Family Career and Community Leaders of America - (gold) Sponsor: Mrs. Shoemaker

The purpose of FCCLA is to encourage students to gain individual leadership skills, group involvement, and pro-mote family and community relations. This is accomplished by members planning and carrying out activities that are beneficial to others and the FCCLA club. Members participate in a number of activities and competitions throughout the year. Dues are $20.00.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes -  (gold) Sponsor: Mrs. Hurley

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is open to anyone (not just athletes) who would like an environment to express
his/her Christian faith at school. Every month FCA sponsors Bible studies.

Future Teachers of America - (blue) Sponsor: Mrs. Shoemaker

FTA is open to all students with an interest in the teaching profession. By participating in the FTA convention, radio spots, and job shadowing, we learn everything possible about becoming a teacher.

Graphic Art and Design - (blue) Sponsor: Mr. Rickman

GAD Club will focus on but not limited to 2D design. We cover commercial art, logo design, graphic novel art, and many other categories. GAD club will limit its membership to no more than 40 members, so only interested members should apply.

Health Occupation Students of America - (gold/white) Sponsor: Mrs. Gilpin

HOSA is a service organization related to health care in our community. Anyone interested in health care is welcome. Our goal is to increase awareness of health issues and improve our communities wellbeing. There is opportunity for travel and interaction with many healthcare careers through a variety of activities in HOSA. Dues are $20.

History and Government - (blue) Sponsor: Mr. DiBiccaro

Youth in Government is a state-wide association whose main focus is teaching students how the government functions and the importance of being an informed voter. Throughout the year the group will be part of several activities at both the local and state level. social events, recreation, service projects, concerts, etc. There are opportunities to serve others and develop leadership in a Christian context. Each member is asked to make a $5.00 donation to the club.

French - (white) Sponsor: Mrs. Robbins

Calling all Francophiles! French club exists to celebrate and explore cultural topics in French, and is open to anyone interested in all things French. Activities are meant to advocate the francophone world, and may include parties, movies, and crafts. Meetings take place outside of the regular school hours, usually once or twice per month. Meeting times and additional information may be found outside of H110. Required dues of $10 per member help to defray the cost of club activities and food at regular meetings.

FFA: The National FFA Organization -  (blue) Sponsors: Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Wilson,& Mrs. Davis

While FFA still serves students with an interest in farming, it also provides opportunities in science, medicine, research, technology, the environment, business, communications, and leadership. Members participate in a variety of activities ranging from the traditional county fair to more contemporary activities such as science fairs, judging competitions, state and national conventions.

Future Business Leaders of America - (blue) Sponsor: Mrs. York & Mrs. Guy

FBLA is now open to all business/vocational students. The club's primary goal is to create more interest in and a better understanding of American business enterprise.

Interact - (gold) Sponsor: Mrs. Burgess

Interact is a service club sponsored by Rotary International. All members are expected to complete at least nine volunteer hours per school year, participate in monthly meetings, and attend one lunch hosted by the local Rotary club.

Jet Theatrix - (white) Sponsor: Mrs. Robbins

The drama club offers on and offstage opportunities to work on student productions and theatrical outreach, as
well as competitive events, such as the Roane State Festival and Poetry Out Loud. All members must be avail-able on a regular basis after school for rehearsals and technical meetings. Members must also have transportation to and from rehearsals and performances. Required dues are $20.00 per member and participation
in the annual fundraiser is expected.

Leo Club -(blue) Sponsor: Mr. McInerney

Leo clubs are sponsored by Lions clubs to inspire volunteerism and leadership in young people ages 12 and up. There are more than 5,700 Leo clubs worldwide.  Required dues are $10.00 per year.

Mathematics - (blue) Sponsor: Mrs. Buck

Media - (white) Sponsor: Mr. Brown

The Media Club will collaborate and create new ideas and materials for the CCHS announcements. All members must have taken or be enrolled in the media class.

Reader Volunteer - (blue) Sponsor: Mrs. Atkinson

Reader Volunteer is open to all CCHS students. As a club member we read to elementary students at Martin Elementary School, our sister and feeder school. We embrace and nurture early literacy for all our young students including the children of our military families. .

Renaissance - (white) Sponsors: Ms. D. Patton

The CCHS Renaissance committee is dedicated to recognizing positive student achievement. This committee is student led with active teacher participation and we work in close conjunction with the School Wide Positive Behavior Support program.  As an organization, we sponsor many programs such as Straight A rewards, A/B Honor Roll rewards, Early Lunch Passes, the Senior Honors Banquet and other various academic recognitions throughout the school year. The Renaissance committee involves many local businesses who help us in supporting these various programs and rewards. There are no dues to join the club, however much work is done after
school hours.

Skills USA - (white) Sponsor: CTE Teachers

This club will meet after school as needed. All students enrolled in the CTE classes are members of SkillsUSA. Club information will be given at the beginning of each semester. Members participate in a wide variety of activities at the local, state, and national levels including attending regional and state skills & leadership conference. Educational field trips are taken each year. Annual dues are $12.00.

Spanish - (gold) Sponsor: Mr. Walker

The Spanish Club was established as an enrichment club to enhance the learning experience that takes place in Spanish classes. The sole purpose of the club is to introduce its members to avenues of Hispanic culture such as cuisine, theater, and arts, which are not accessible in the regular classroom setting. Membership in Spanish Club is open to anyone who is currently enrolled or has been enrolled in a Spanish class. Membership dues are $10.00, and this money goes toward a scholarship given to a senior member.

Student Government Association -  (white) Sponsor: Mrs. Hall

The mission of SGA is to facilitate improvements at CCHS which are beneficial to the student body, faculty, and administration. Membership in TASC will be representative of all students at CCHS and consist of members who may be elected or appointed. Students are encouraged to bring concerns to Student Council.

Technology Student Association -  (blue) Sponsor: Mr. Wanamaker

TSA will prepare students for the challenge of a dynamic world by promoting technological literacy, leadership, and problem solving. Members are required to be enrolled in either Technology Education, Innovations and Inventions, Diversified Technology I, or Diversified Technology 2. Students will be required to pay $12.00 for dues.