Clubs & Organizations

Clubs are an important way for students to get involved in school and meet new people with common interests. Students may sign up for one "gold" club, one "blue" club, and as many white clubs as they would like. Blue and Gold clubs will meet monthly during the school day. White clubs meet outside the regular school day.

Blue Clubs

Anime Fan Club - Sponsor: Mr. Akin - Meets G101

Bible Club - Sponsor: Mr. Wright - Meets J107

Aviation - Sponsor: Mr. Hall - Meets C101

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) - Sponsor: Mrs. Pratt - Meets V104

Future Farmers of America (FFA) - Sponsors: Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Wilson, & Ms. Lea - Meets Wrestling Complex

Graphic Art and Design (GAD) - Sponsor: Mr. Rickman - Meets J103

Project 7 - Sponsor:  Mr. Alva - Meets H106

Soccer Club - Sponsor: Mr. Whitson - Meets H107

Teens for Christ - Sponsor: Mrs. Atkinson - Meets Library

The League - Sponsor: Mr. Phipps - Meets H105

Trivia - Sponsor: Mrs. Nelson - Meets Cafe

Gold Clubs

Art Club - Sponsor: Ms. Varner - Meets E103

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) - Sponsor: Mrs. Carvell/Mr. Foster - Meets Cafe

Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) - Sponsor: Mr. Tumulty - Meets V101

Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) - (gold/white) Sponsor: Mrs. Gilpin/Mrs. Thomason - Meets V102

Student Spirit & Engagement Counsel - Sponsor: Mrs. McCoy - Meets Gym

Interact Club - Sponsor: Mr. Boyd - Meets G106

Leo Club - Sponsor: Mr. McInerney - Meets B106

Media Club - Sponsor: Mr. Daenell - Meets J105

Reader Volunteer - Sponsors: Mrs. Atkinson/Mrs. Daenell/Mrs. Cope - Meets Library

Role Playing Games - Sponsors: Mr. Wright/Mr. Rickman - Meets J107

Soccer Club - Sponsor: Mr. Whitson - Meets H107

Spanish - Sponsor: Mr. Walker - Meets H108

White Clubs

BETA - Sponsor: Mrs. Filler - Meets B109

Chess Club - Sponsor: Mr. Akin - Meets G101

Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy - Sponsor: Mrs. Smith - Cafe (Seniors Only)

French Club - Sponsor: Mrs. Robbins - Meets H110

Jets Theatrix - Sponsor: Mrs. Robbings - Meets H110

Skill USA - Sponsors: Mr. Margrave/Mr. Sitton/Mr. Hardt - Meets F107

Student Government Association - Sponsor: H104 - Meets H104