Career and Technical


Jon Hall - Intro to Aerospace, Aviation 1, Aviation 2, Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Jason Atkinson  - CTE Chairperson - Small Animal Care, Landscaping, Vet Science, Large Animal Care, FFA Club Sponsor

Laura Gilpin - Health Science, Medical Therapy, Medical Diagnostics, Honors CTE A & P, Career Explorations, HOSA Club Sponsor

Carla Pratt - Intro to Business, Business Communication, Business Management, Work-Based Learning, Personal Finance, Economics, FBLA Club Sponsor

Terra Davis - Agriculture Science, Supervised Agriculture Experience, FFA Club Sponsor

William Margrave - Maintenance Repair 1, 2, and 3

TBA-Core Construction, Carpentry 1 & 2, Career Explorations, Student Success

Daniel Rickman - Digital Art 1, 2 & 3, Yearbook, Graphic Art and Design Club Sponsor, Role Playing Games Club Sponsor

Rachel Davis - Fashion Design, Introduction Human Studies, Lifespan Development, Family Studies, RTI

Reading T2, FCCLA Club Sponsor

Rick Brown - Coding I & II, Computer Science Foundations, Web Design/Media, Cyber Security, Media Club Sponsor

Brittney Parham - Nursing, Health Science Career Explorations, Student Success, HOSA Club Sponsor

Mike Tumulty - Culinary Arts 1 ,2 & 3, FCCLA Club Sponsor

Jesse Hardt - Engineering 1, 2, 3, and 4

Danny Wilson - Greenhouse Management, Agricultural Mechanics, FFA Club Sponsor

Jeffery Wright - Criminal Justice 1, 2, & 3 - Sponsor Bible Club, Role Playing Games Club Sponsor


Fine Arts


Bruce Johnson - Guitar, General Music, 9th Marching Band,  Marching Band, 9th Concert

Lindsey Akin Piano 1 & 2, Choir 1 & 2

Angela Robbins - Theatre 1 & 2, French 1 & 2, Music History, French Club Sponsor, Jet Theatrics Club Sponsor

Kimberly Varner - Visual Arts 1, 2, & 3, Art Club Sponsor


Foreign Language


Charlie Alva - Spanish 1 & 2, Sociology  - Project 7 Club Sponsor

Brenda Hall  - Spanish 1 & 2

Angela Robbins - French 1 & 2

David Walker - Spanish 1&2, Criminal Justice 1, Spanish Club Sponsor

Health and Physical Ed


Brad Eich - PE, Beginning Weightlifting, Football Weights - Head Wrestling Coach

Kenneth Beau Wynn - Lifetime Wellness, PE

Jacob Johnson - Baseball Weights , Lifetime Wellness, Adaptive PE, PE


Language Arts


Kiley Allen  - English 2, Honors English 2, English 3, ACT Prep

Daisy Filler - English 10 Honors, English 10, English 11, and Creative Writing, Cheerleading Sponsor, BETA Club Sponsor

Kim Cram - English 1, Career Explorations, Student Success - Head Girls Basketball Coach

Daniel McInerney - English 3, English 4, ACT Prep, Leo Club Sponsor

Darcy Phipps - English 3, English 3 Pre AP, RTI Reading T2, Honors English 3

Anna Pickard - English I, Honors English I, Career Explorations, Student Success

Roger Dixon - ESL

Stuart Bowen - English 3, English 4, Dual Composition 1&2, and ACT Prep

Library and Media


Bekki Atkinson - Library Chairperson, Library and Media Specialist , Reader Volunteer Sponsor




RobertAkin  - Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Anime Club Sponsor, Chess Club Sponsor

Michael Boyd - SAILS Math, RTI Math T3, Bridge Math, Algebra 2, Interact Club Sponsor

Collin Keith - Algebra 2, RTI Math T3

Carrie Pennington - Algebra 1A-B, Algebra REP, RTI Math T2

Bill PardueBridge Math , ACT Prep, Geometry 

Kaytlin Hobbs - Algebra 2, ACT Prep

Emmy McCoy - Algebra 2, Geometry, ACT Prep

Krista Moomey - Geometry, RTI

Melissa Beaty - Algebra 1 regular, Algebra 1 Repeater, and math RTI

TBA-  Algebra I, Career Exploration, Student Success




Laura Brewer - Biology, Honors Biology

Sistina Martin - Chemistry, Biology, Physical Science, Career Exploration, Student Success

Shawn Cooley - Physical Science

Clay Copass - Biology 1, Chemistry 1, and ACT Prep

Staci Smith - Chemistry, ACT Prep, Classic Games Club Sponsor


Social Studies


Michael DiBiccaro -  Dual/Honors History, Honors Economics and Personal Finance, Honors Government, Psychology 

Will Foster - Honors World History, World History, Personal Finance, Career Exploration

Andrew Phipps - World History and Geography, US History, Career Explorations, Student Success, The League Club Sponsor

Cub Whitson - US History, World History, Head Soccer Coach

Taylor Denney - Social Studies, Head Boys Basketball Coach

Noah Repasky - Government, Social Studies Credit Recovery, Economics, Head Football Coach


Special Needs Education


Laura Brady - Special Education Inclusion, RTI, Biology, Algebra I, Geometry, History

Lauren Petersen - LRE-CDC, RTI

Pat Nelson - RTI Reading T3, Inclusion, Academic Team Club Sponsor

Craig Cook - Special Day School

Meghan Carvell - IEP Coordinator, Algebra 1B, RTI, FCA Sponsor

US Department of Education - MY CHILD'S SPECIAL NEEDS - Disabilities


Teachers' Assistants                                                                                                                                  

Kristy DeMarcus - Special Day School

Teresa Swafford - CEC